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Option 1: Complete Exam Review (PE 8hr., Surveying & Seismic)

Without Required Texbooks: $1,095
With Required Texbooks: $1,495
Repeating All Courses $0

Option 2: 8-Hour Civil Review Courses

Without Required Texbook: $795
With Required Texbook: $1,075
Repeating 8hr Courses $0

Option 3: Surveying Review Courses

Without Required Textbook: $430
With Required Textbook: $550
Repeating Surveying Courses $0

Option 4: Seismic Review Courses

No Required Textbook: $430 (Instruction Material Included)
Repeating Seismic Courses $0

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Geotechnical (1-day : $215)
Hydrology and Hydraulics 1 & 2(2-day : $430)
Environmental (1-day : $215)
Structural 1 & 2 (2-day : $430)
Traffic/Transportation (1-day : $215)
Construction (1-day : $215)
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