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Student Testimonials
“I am writing to let You know that I passed the PE Exam with one fell swoop.  Thanks, in part, to your course….and my study onslaught, I was able to overcome the odds and pass the 8-hour and both 2.5 hour exams with one all-out try.  I still don't know who You are, You People who organize this review course, so whom do I thank?  However, almost all of your instructors are excellent communicators, and their generosity of knowledge was a key to my success.”
"I feel that the MP Review Courses was a good preparation for the civil
engineering exam.  I didn't have much time to study so the only studying I did was the review courses and I feel that I was familiar with most of the test questions.  I can't think of anything that needs to be added to the classes as I feel every question was discussed in some form during the review.  Thank you for your help in everything."
"The class worked out pretty good.  I nailed the 8 hour, surveying, and take home.  I only have the seismic left (but I only missed it by 2 points)."
"Well Organized, slowly presented all the facts.  Excellent Course."
"The presentations were strong.  Clarity of materiel was strong."
"The Instructors were very clear and organized."
"Well organized.  I appreciated the recommendations on preparing for the exam.  Excellent help by focusing on breadth vs. depth!"
"Excellent and very knowledgeable instructors!  Explained topic in an easy to understand manner.  General language with good use of examples and visuals.  Didn't' rush through topics and used good definitions of terms."
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